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Shipping and Packaging

SpirHello® is extremely optimized for shipping, Big quantities in small volumes or single pieces can be shipped easily in a standard envelope at the standard price..
Packaging High quality kraft paper printed in one color. This packaging is 100% recyclable.

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Indoor / Outdoor Use

SpirHello® are designed to be used both indoors as decorative pets and outdoors as stands for mosquito coils or for fragrant incense.

UV Proof

The paint we use is durable and made for outdoor use on balconies, terraces, decks, and in gardens. SpirHello® withstands rain, heat and cold.

The SpirHello® Family, Photo Gallery

SpirHellos® like to make themselves seen with their entire, growing, family. We update and improve the range of shapes and colours continuously, and after meeting one of the family you'll have to love the others.